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Feburary 7, 2014, 11:00pm - After living with some cardiac issues for several years, Rocky Reifenstuhl passed away Friday afternoon, January 31st, 2014, in a hospital in Salt Lake City. He was 61.

Rocky, his wife Gail, brother Steve, daughters Alex and Kirsten (and their families) collectively decided to take him off everything except comfort medication after the doctors gave him a minute chance of survival with several serious operations along the way.

Gail said they all spent the last couple of hours together listening to music and the end was very peaceful. Gail also expressed her thanks for the many people that had been in touch over the last weeks.

In addition to his race resume, (listed above) Rocky worked as a geologist for DGGS for nearly 27 years. His list of publications is impressive:

(kw for R3. I will miss my friend.)

270 Mile Brooks Range Hike, 9 days.  2007

Fairbanks -30*F, 2007

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Rocky Reifenstuhl

Also known as Dad,  Husband, Brother, Freezer Geezer, cyclist, geologist, Alaskan, friend, and General Painintheass.